Friday, 13 November 2009

it's all a blur...

Well the past month has been extremely hectic, So here's the parts I can remember...
For three weeks in a row, we we're in melbourne everyday packing up the husband's workshop. Two weeks in, we thought we were finished... then they decided we had to demolish the rooms. Aaaargh! What a stress. Driving an hour & a half each way doesn't make it much fun either. We did manage to catch up with friends & family along the way, that made the journeys more bearable.
The boys taking down the sign
Straight after that, we drove to winton for the boy to compete in the last round of the race season. He races an old datsun in the under 2 litre sports sedans. He came first in his class for the weekend & championship & second overall for the weekend. I really am so proud of him. He raced his little heart out & he really is very good. When he made his little speech at the trophy presentation, he thanked me for all my support & hard work in the pit. I couldn't help but cry. That turned the last three weeks into nothing & made the weekend trek well worthwhile.
After arriving home, the real estate told us we had to paint the walls aswell. So on monday, we traipsed back into town to get that done & boy do I hope that is the end of it.
Tuesday saw us jetting up to port macquarie... what for? I hear you ask... Well, we were to pick up a 1954 Austin truck & drive it home. Yes, you did hear correctly. We drove an ancient truck 1400 kms, all the way home! With only one minor hiccup within the first 20 minutes on the road, the rest of the trip was a breeze. I do love the south coast of n.s.w, it was lovely to see it again.
The truck has been named Lady Jane Austin (I know she spelt her name with an 'e', but for the sake of the truck... let's use an 'i') & she shall be fitted out like a 50's caravan/winnebago. It's a little project for the husband & wife to work on together. I'll do the interior stuff & he can do the engine & exterior stuff. I can't wait to go on a road trip when she's all done up.

our cute little (big) truck
But now I am home & home I shall stay for a while. I'm worn out & tired & in need of recuperation. As you can tell, the recurring theme of the past month has been all about helping the husband. I don't mind this, as he is quite wonderful & very appreciative. However, I have realised that to keep me sane... I must invest in me too.
So the next month is about me. Not in a selfish way, just in a way that means I can have time to do the things I love. Time to sew & knit & crochet & bake & garden & read & learn & just potter about. For it is all of these things that contribute to my general well-being.
Oh, it's lovely to be back.
I hope everyone is well & happy. Have a terrific weekend!

spiderweb on my back porch, captured on a quick dash out the door

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CurlyPops said...

No wonder everything is a blur! That old truck is very cool. I'm looking forward to seeing the interior refit.