Tuesday, 6 October 2009

oh lotta...

I purchased another craft book off fishpond. How can I resist when the prices are good & the shipping is free if you spend $50. So about once a month, I get a craft book for me & a interesting biography for the Samuel. We are both very happy when we see the postman coming down the drive. Apart from the fact that he's mildly scared of the dogs when they go running full pelt at him. You should see the look on his face! They're just excited, I always tell him.
Anyway... my latest purchase is Lotta's Simple sewing for baby. I've already bookmarked the projects I want to make. All I need now is to source some of the more specific fabrics & then away I go. I'll keep you updated with my progress. I figure I have six months, if I start now that is.bloomers
nursing pillow
portable change mat
It's raining here again, we've had some hail too. I'm in my studio, looking out on it all. Playing with ideas & sorting through my fabrics. I think I'll start on a quilt top... I just have to decide which one.


Kate said...

It's been raining and hailing here today too. What a perfect book for you right now. You're going to have such fun making them and imagining your wee one in them.

Tricia said...

Ohhh..that books looks lovely. I'm thinking i'll have to make a nursing pillow from vintage sheets next time round.

Good luck with the sewing.

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