Wednesday, 7 October 2009

works in progress...

Yesterday I was very productive indeed, in the studio that is. Due to my pregnancy lethargy & a healing right hand, housework is very unappealing. Have you ever tried to wash dishes with 1 & a half hands, the right hand is also not not allowed to get wet. It is very frustrating & not very successful. So at the moment, my kitchen is a mess & I'm sticking to meditative, easy going crafts.
I pieced together a quilt top for my nephew, it's very red & blue & a little bit retro. I hope he & his mumma like it. I'll show a pic as soon as I can get a decent photo of the darn thing. I always forget how hard they are to photograph. I was on a mission when I was making it, I managed to sketch the design, cut all the pieces & sew it all up in just a few hours. I'm clearly not as pedantic as I used to be, it's a lovely feeling... less stressful. Ha ha.
I also started a little project for the nursery, here's a sneak peak. I'll give you an update tomorrow. I've completed the first part, just a few more pieces to finish. Can you guess what it will be?

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Kate said...

A cloud mural?