Thursday, 15 October 2009


Who needs an oppy, when the tip gives just as good!
As we live in an area with no waste collection, so we take our rubbish to the tip ourselves. It has made us super conscious of the waste we produce & how we can cut down for the sake of the earth.
Our green waste is composted, alot of scraps go to the chooks & what they can't eat goes into the compost heap. We recycle as much as possible... whether that means taking it to the recycle centre or finding a new use for the container in the home, garden or shed. Care is taken to not use plastic bags when shopping, make better choices with product packaging & buying in bulk. With all of this put together, we only make one 10 litre bag of waste each week. More often than not, the bag doesn't even get full!
Now please don't get me wrong, I'm not preaching or saying how great we are... I'm just excited that simple steps are all it takes to changing the way we treat the earth.
My next step is to divert the water from the washing machine into a tank for garden watering. Not that we need it right now. Our three water tanks are overflowing & it just keeps raining. Winter has officially packed it's bags & moved to october, strange creature.
Well! wasn't that an outburst! I did get a little sidetracked. Now, where was I? Oh yes, the tip. Look what I found... an old pants hanger. There's a section of the tip where you can purchase unwanted goods for a few dollars here or there. So far in our travels, we've found an old kitchen chair, a vintage motorcycle helmut, a wheel barrow, a whipper snipper & various other items that I cannot recollect right now. And you should meet the old guy that runs it too. He's english & has the best silver twirled handle bar moustache I've ever seen. He spends his spare time curating the garden with various ornaments. Imagine Barbie, walking hand in hand with a dinousar over a bridge & through fields of succullents! Too funny.
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