Thursday, 15 October 2009

my creative space...

I'm still working on the little project I started last week. These pretties are the second installment, waiting to be sewn up & attached. I can't wait til it's finished. Then I'll do the big reveal.
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Kate said...

Soooooooo not a cloud mural. Do I get a second guess?

Jo's Place said...

That looks very interesting

Kate said...

Hey Kitty,
We already have 2 maremmas who we adore and do such a good job so we really want to continue with them but funnily enough there were two alpacas going for free in our local paper recently and we discussed it. Do you know how they get along with chooks and or ducks? Might be worth a go if we can't find another maremma. What do they eat?

Bren has already spoken to Rosemary but will check out the others this weekend.

Thanks so much.

Hope you have a great weekend

Love Kate

PS sorry to leave this in your comments but the reply to your comment went to noreply. Email me if you want to change that and I'll email you the link.

Cherry said...

What pretty petals - Will certainly check back to see the finished product