Friday, 4 December 2009

a day in the kitchen...

Today has found me in the kitchen, I truly haven't done much else. It's a beautiful day outside & there's a bounty of fresh food due to yesterdays shop... what better reason to relish the day cooking away.
First thing to make was muesli for the husband. He has been having trouble with his energy levels & tiredness at the moment, so I'm trying to find foods that combat this at the same time as being delicious. This muesli is chock full of pecans, almonds, pepitas, sunflower seeds, figs, dates & apricots... & oats of course. I wanted to add some linseeds, but couldn't find any at the supermarket. I made do with some lsa mix & perhaps I'll make a trip to health food store for my next batch.
This apple & cranberry loaf is also a winner & healthy too. The recipe said it is good toasted with some ricotta & honey atop... I bet! Might have to give that a go for breakfast.
Our rhubarb patch is out of control at the moment. It is planted with the mint & they're both quite abundant. Let's not say out of control... that sounds negative. Flourish my pretties.
This bunch has been stewed with some ginger & honey, should go nicely with the muesli me thinks.
I've also marinated some tofu, made chickpea patties for tonights dinner & whipped up some quesadillas for lunch. I think I still have time left in the day to stew some apricots too.
I feel the day has been quite a success, now for a little rest on the couch.


beck said...

Gosh, now I'm hungry...thanks for that! We have a lot of 'thriving' rubarb too so you have inspired me to actually use some. I think I made apple and rubarb crumble last time but it is so lovely stewed and served with vanilla yoghurt and/or muesli. Speaking of healthy things and energy levels I've been having flaxseed oil lately, have you tried that? Sounds like you had a very satisfying day, rest up honey xo

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