Saturday, 5 December 2009

let's take a walk...

Early yesterday evening before dinner, the husband & I took a walk. It's so lovely to amble along this piece of countryside, taking in the surrounds & the fresh country air.
Our house is on the corner of a gravel road only taken by farmers, even then perhaps only one car per hour at most. It takes us up a big hill from which you can see 360 degrees around.
The winds blow from all directions, so be prepared with a life preserver. I fondly call mine the sleeping bag. A lovely windswept hairdo like mine is also inevitable.
We pass lots of cows of course, this groups always runs to the fence when we pass. Perhaps they think we'll bring them food. They often give the dogs an awful fright, I'd be frightened too.
The rolling green hills seem endless, only stopping when they reach the sea. We've had good rain lately too, so all the dams are full & healthy.
New neighbours are met, along with their dogs & black angus herd.
Our boys run like mad, excited for the adventure. I just had to catch Otto midflight, I love the way his ears flap up & down when he runs. Poor little Arthur has quite short stocky legs, he runs double time to keep up with big Otto.
The walk home down the hill has a more relaxed pace...
Until we get to our dam of course, then it's last one in is a rotten egg. For the dogs that is, I don't have a bar of that game.


beccasauras said...

your beautiful shots always make me feel like i'm on holiday, I look and look, and hope...thanks!

beck said...

Great post Kitty, I really felt like I was walking with you. What a beautiful area you live in, I could almost smell the air xo

handmade romance said...

beautiful! i could happily take up residence where you live. l think i could smell the air looking at those pics ; )