Friday, 29 January 2010

my week... part two...

I'm slowly easing back into a little crafting. Just taking it easy & trying not to do anything that might get me into trouble with the doctor. I don't like getting in trouble.
I've started cutting into some flannel to make the nappies. So far I have chopped enough for 20 inner pieces. They're a bit wonky, but we don't see these bits anyway & no person will want to get up close & personal with a baby's nappy.
Cutting into flannel is very soothing... it's so soft on your hands.

Some cards have been made from upholstery samples I've kept since uni. They're wonderfully stitched, you should see my haphazard handywork. I like to think of it as personal expression through thread. I know we all have such moments...what do you call it?

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