Wednesday, 13 January 2010

planning & scheming in a motherly way...

While I may not be allowed to knit or crochet for the time being, I'm still allowed to plan & scheme & design up all sorts of wonderful goodness for our little babe.
I've stepped over the third trimester threshold & am now on the home run. There's alot left to do, but I'm not too worried. I figure if I plan out all my projects now, then I can just get down to business & make them when I get my arm back. Hopefully this will go to plan & I won't change my mind on fabric choices last minute... we'll see, shall we.
I have a list of the things I want to make... tell me if you think I'm out of my mind.
:: a wee baby granny blanket, in the colours below
:: a pram quilt
:: a cot quilt, this can wait til later down the track when the bub uses the cot
:: a simple floor mat
:: a snuggler from
Lotta's Simple sewing for baby
:: a nursing pillow, also from said book
:: a travel change mat, again from above mentioned book
:: 36 nappies, made from flannel sheets gifted by this lovely lady
:: a little woolen cardigan, just needs to be finished
:: a knitted bootie & beanie set
:: & a baby sling from soulemama's pattern
So, that's not too much is it? I won't be working, so I'll have the time. I'll just try not to dilly dally about.

I hope these summer days are treating you well.


beccasauras said...

I would love to make something for your bub, especially as your are injured! If you have a pattern for something, i'm happy to help, or i'll use my own ideas, or hem nappies etc- I remember it being such a help to have those little things done! Email me and don't be afraid to ask- it'll put you in good practice for the first few months!

Kate said...

Oh I want to make something too! Have you got a crochet project that needs hooking? Please please email me and let me know. XX

Christie said...

that's quite a lot of work!

so glad the sheets arrived safe & sound

you bebe is going to be very lucky with all that handmade goodness

beck said...

I've just read about your collarbone! Your poor thing, what a story to tell your baby one day! How frustrating, I would be demented. Anyway, if there is anything I can do please let me know, bye for now sweetie xo