Sunday, 7 February 2010

28 & counting...

Well folks, I've managed to see my way through another year & I think this year will be just as good. Life is turning out to be very eventful & despite being quite childlike at times... I'm also starting to feel more like a grown-up. Yep... mature, sensible & full of responsibilities. Ha ha ha! Well I can try, can't I?
Let me introduce you to my birthday present...
two highland cattle steers.
This is Dougall.

& this is Samson.
Aren't they just adorable!
Samuel took me on a surprise drive yesterday. All the way to Sunbury to meet them. They were so sweet, letting us brush them & pat them. They've been halter trained for showing, so they're very well behaved.
I'm so excited, hopefully they'll be delivered before the end of the month.
My day today has been spent driving through the countryside, fossicking through markets & antique stores & eating ice cream. We're off to have fish & chips in San Remo now. Apparently the co-op down there was rated in the top five of Victoria... I have big expectations.
I hope you've had a beautiful, sunny weekend.


Andi said...

Happy birthday!!

Jodie said...

What a fabulous birthday present

pen said...

I've always loved highlands
do you think i could keep one in the city?
they are so cute!

suze2000 said...

Happy Birthday!

Are they Highland Coos then? :)

Felicity said...

Happy Birthday lady! You have highland steers! and ducklings! sweet xx

teddybearswednesday said...

Happy Birthday Kitty!!
I think that is the best birthday present ever! They are gorgeous!

62cherry said...

happy birthday chicken!
28 was a good year for me :) as i am more than sure it will be for you