Monday, 8 February 2010

good evening & good morning...

Well I must say, the fish & chips were pretty good. We sat on the jetty, basking in the evening sun & watching the crazy local kids jump off the Phillip Island bridge.
It was so lovely & relaxing to just sit & enjoy the company of my wonderful husband.
colours were just captivating. Check out the two pics below.

There was a last minute cake purchase from the supermarket, just to make it feel like a real birthday, candle & all. I think I'll have to train Samuel up in the cake making department, everyone needs a homemade birthday cake..
The drive home was a race against the sun, as we wanted to catch it setting from the top of the hill. This is my beloved Petula & just to her right, you can vaguely make out the bridge to the island.
I was so exhausted after my big two days, that I pretty much crashed as soon as we got home.

Which of course, led to me being awake very early this morning.
When I walked out of the bedroom & looked out the window at 7am, this is what I saw. It was so bright, my eyes took a while to adjust.

I took a wander around the property & discovered these gumnut blossoms. No colour enhancement I swear. Just natural beauty & perfect sunlight. I was so excited, I picked some for the breakfast table.
Breakfast was cooked when the husband awoke. Crepes! I just love them. I must have eaten about 6! I like to have them with a variety of toppings... nutella & banana, strawberry jam & lemon & sugar. Delicious!
So that was the end of my birthday weekend. Most of it was quite impromptu & all of it was thoroughly enjoyed. I think we need a few more weekends like this as I don't think we'll be getting them when the bubba arrives.


Megan said...

what a wonderful birthday weekend, perfect in so many ways! even the light put on its best dress for you.

Casie said...

Happy Birthday. You got the awesome gift of good light and you made the most of it I see. Nice work!