Wednesday, 24 March 2010

latest scores...

I've been lucky enough to have quite a few good finds at the oppy lately. The best one by far has been the knitting machine I scored for a mere $30! We were fossicking in vinnies just before my birthday, when Samuel pointed out two large boxes. Could you believe that one was a knitting machine & the other a ribbing attachment! Wait... it gets better... both were still in their original boxes with layby receipts from Myer in Frankston circa 1975. The sticker said $20 each or $30 for the pair, so Samuel snaffled them up as a little present for the wifey. I still have no idea how to set them up & use them, but I have a wonderful Emma friend who has promised a demonstration.
Other finds have been of the vintage linen sort. Like these too cute for words pillowcases. I'm yet to decide if I should use them for their intended purpose... or cut them up for crafting. I don't know if I could ever pull the scissors on these.

Speaking of scissors... I may have mentioned in the past, once or twice that my husband is a hoarder. Yep, everything from cars to cassette tapes & beyond. The man struggles to part with anything. Every now & then we pop over to Mudda's house (his grandma's), to retrieve a car part from the shed. The shed which is full to the brim with a mini panel van, every falcon part from the 60's & 70's imaginable & various other unidentifiable items. Can you start now to imagine what our shed at home is like... it's eight times larger! Help!!! And he's only in his early 30's! Imagine it in twenty years! Oh my, I'm feeling faint.
Anyway, I've come to terms with the situation & plus, having a hoarder for a husband does have it's upsides. Many things have found their way out of the shed & into my possesion. Like a beautiful sewing chair from the 40's, several antique trunks, a lawn croquet set & these two pairs of fabric shears. Mudda was a seamstress in her day & these are straight out of her collection. Now she's a bit away with the fairies... so trust me when I say they're better off in my hands.
They just need to be cleaned & sharpened & they'll be as good as new.

Wow, two longwinded stories for you. I didn't think I had it in me... & then I got carried away. Thanks for reading.


CurlyPops said...

Oh dear, Samuel sounds just like my Dad. He has to have five of everything... just in case! His shed is bigger than his house, and it's full to the brim, yet he still goes to the Sunday market every week and brings home more stuff.

Claire Gale said...

oh my, you've nearly bought me to tears. i found your blog post through meet me at mikes and it brought it all back to me, that traumatic day back in england last summer when i also came across a fantastic knitting machine in an op-shop. unfortunately i could not justify the expense of getting it back to aus so i had to leave it sitting there in the shop, all alone, knowing that it'll belong to someone else, who'd love it like i could.......... (tears welling) walking away from that was like walking away from...well a knitting machine i really really wanted:) i did consider trading my fellow hoarding husbands ticket home for a rather large long rectangular box!!

Jodie said...

Ok This is the librarian speaking....You can't fight you need to make a grid of the shed..letters on one side...and numbers on another (not opposite) like a graph and then as he collects he just needs to let you know so you can at least put everything on the grid....I mean on a paper grid...
Goodluck !

teddybearswednesday said...

I thing it's the sweetest and most endearing thing that Sam's a hoarder- hehe, it made me smile- I'm a hoarder too but to be honest I've never heard of a man 30 year old hoarder.
I love your long winded stories-
( Hey kitty I wasn't just saying that about the photo in your last post- you looked lovely- but I know about looking at yourself in photos- I'm one of the MOST unphotogenic people in the world) x0