Sunday, 7 March 2010


I've just spent a few hours outside, pottering away in this lovely cool weather we're having.
Basil has been split & re-potted & a new pot has been found for an orchid.
I received a beautiful cumquat tree for my birthday from a friend, this too has been matched with a pot.
Whilst I was working away, I discovered this little fellow hanging out on my pot. Isn't it amazing, so delicate & pretty.
Our woodpile is looking quite healthy for winter. Samuel has been working away at this for the past month. It's all neatly stacked near the door to the lounge so we don't have to go out into the paddock in the freezing cold. There is another pile to the right of this & a huge stack of kindling too. I think we should be pretty set. It does get bloody cold where we are & the coonara's get a real workout.
I do love Autumn, it's my favourite season. There's lots of change in the garden & the heat of summer has slinked away. These pretty flowers have popped up all over our front garden, the chesnuts & pears are ripening & the grapevines are turning a magnificent burgandy. Yesterdays rain has done our garden well & hopefully there is alot more to come. When it eases off though, we'll be back to the vegie patch as there is still so much to do.
How is your garden growing?

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