Friday, 5 March 2010

I don't think you've met...

My husband is a big softie, he just loves animals. In january, he heard of a dog that needed a new home & that dog just happened to be Benson. How on earth was Samuel to say no? Just look at his face.
Benson is a Mastiff cross Irish Wolfhound (hence the beard), he's not quite two & weighs a whopping 45 kilograms. He's quite the buffoon & isn't very aware of his size or weight. We're training this silliness out of him so when he's fully grown he won't be such a menace. His nature is very gentle otherwise. The other two dogs have been sorting him out too, telling him off whenever he crosses a boundary.
So far his favourite game is to find the biggest stick possible; ie: a branch & drag it around the yard all day. There was a stint of him chasing the chickens too, that got him several stern talkings too & now he just slowly stalks them. Every night we do a chicken count... just in case.
So now you've met Benson, another character from the menagerie.
I have a strict rule now, no more dogs. Three is quite enough! From now on any newcomers must be of use to the farm. Let's think egg laying, snail eating, grass eating, poultry protecting, milk producing, wool producing, etc. You get the drift.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend planned, for those of you in Victoria a long weekend.
We're planning on popping down to Inverloch to catch some of the jazz festival, picking up a delightful old car from melbourne & on monday welcoming my boys to the farm. Very exciting!

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sean the prawn said...

cute little hairy chin. Love those gumboots too.