Tuesday, 11 May 2010

17 days...

Wow. Every time I've sat down to write a post, something else has needed doing. This evening when I sat down, the power went out. So now I start again & with any luck, you'll be reading these here words.
The past few weeks with our little man have been just amazing. Exhausting, but amazing. We've now developed an understanding of each other, the different cries are more easily deciphered & life is becoming just that little bit smoother. Huckle has put on 900gms since leaving the hospital, so I'm quite confident I've got the feeding thing down pat.
Yesterday was such a lovely autumn day, so we went for a walk to the top of the hill to show him the magnificent view. Like most babies, he's quite content to be pushed around or driven in the car.
Craftiness has definitely taken a back seat at the moment. Hopefully soon when we have a bit more of a routine, I'll be back to my usual tricks. I'm slowly trying to piece a quilt together for a friends new baby. She might not receive it until she's one though.
There's a little bit of a somber tone around our place, amongst all of our joy. Good friends of ours live two hills over & were due the same day as Huckle. Their little boy passed away 4 hours after he was born. His name was Indra. He had a cardiac arrest. He was born 4 days before Huckle & the dear souls didn't tell us the news until after I'd given birth.
I've been very sad. Trying to understand the unfairness of it all. Almost feeling guilty for my perfect boy. There were plans of our boys growing up together & being mates. We've talked to them about it & after listening to their words, hearing their strength & the beautiful story of their little Indra's short life; we know that good can come from this. The lesson is to cherish our little ones, hold them close & be eternally grateful for their beauty & the lessons they teach us as parents. I feel incredibly lucky to be blessed with such a healthy boy.


Andi said...

Can't believe I'd missed the news of Huckle's arrival.
Congratulations ... he's divine!!!
So sad to hear of your friends' news. We had a very similar situation with friends of ours who lost their new baby 2 weeks after Jake was born. They found it very hard to be around us for a long time but they now have 2 healthy little boys and time has healed the wounds somewhat. It was very hard at first though.
Thinking of all of you.
Andi :-)

Megan said...

that is just a heartwrenching story about your neighbours :( hold your little one close and cherish all the moments. good to see you back, even if only briefly - was just wondering this morning how you were getting along with the changes to your normal 'before' routine.

62cherry said...

oh shit - i felt happiness and great sadness reading this post.
who knows how things work - why things happen
live everyday like it's your last hey?
jus xx
daisy is 21 days old and a shining light

beck said...

So lovely to see your baby and to hear of your first few weeks together. He looks gorgeous and I can see he is incredibly loved and cared for. Your words were so sweet about your friends son, life can be so beautiful and also cruel. Keep cuddling your Huckle & enjoy every minute, they are so precious xo

teddybearswednesday said...

Huckle is absolutely beautiful. and it's so nice to hear from you. Sounds like you've already got the mum thing sorted.
But Kitty, please don't feel guilty or bad about your friend. Please don't, unfortunately there is no reason for things very often, stuff just happens at different times.
Just enjoy your boy, I know your friends wouldn't want you to feel bad. xo

sean the prawn said...

Huckle looks so sweet..well done you with the feeding.Relish every moment & rest as much as you can Don"t forget to take care of you as well. Sorry for your friends loss.

Kirsty said...

He's beautiful Kitty.

Whenever I think of you & your boys in your lovely country life I smile. You've got a good recipe.

I'm sorry about the sad news of Indra. x

george said...

Your little boy is adorable, and Huckle is the sweetest name ever. Sorry to hear about your loss, life seems so unfair and there are some things we'll never get our head around. Enjoy every moment with your 'little' one. Every sleep makes them that little bit bigger.

Drawn into your blog as you share the same name as my daughter, Kitty! Another sweet name!!

Christina said...

Oh! How very very sweet is your little Huckle!

Your poor friends. Thinking of them in this sad time. Indra will never be forgotten I'm sure.

My parents lost a still born baby boy between the birth of my brother and the birth of my twin sister and myself. They still talk about him and he has been a part of the family though we never met him.

suze2000 said...

For some reason you haven't been showing up in my feed! But I'm so pleased your little boy has arrived in good health and is growing well.

It's terribly sad about baby Indra. Sometimes bad things just happen and you should not feel bad because your boy is well. I'm sure despite their sadness, your neighbours are still so very pleased for you.