Thursday, 24 June 2010


You've probably all given up on me, I am five days late. No real excuse. Just been chasing my tail a bit & recovering from three days of mother in law.
Life's pretty good, winter's not all that bad. We've had some lovely sunny days & I think that june is up there as one of my favourite months. Yes, it's bloody freezing... & maybe I'm slightly bonkers... but june is actually quite nice. I think I'll be quite over this freezing business by the time july comes around. So please don't expect such a chipper disposition then.
Anyway... see how distracted I get! Rambling on like a woman possesed.
The winner of my wee giveaway is the lovely Megan from somewhere along a winding path!
Megan is having a giveaway too, so pop along & say hello.
Thank you all for entering. It was lovely to read all your sweet comments.
Here's to another 500 then.


Christina said...

Congratulations Megan!

Thanks Kitty, you always leave the loveliest comments. Which is particularly nice when you have had a tanty throwing toddler on your hands who refuses to sleep.

Go on, attempt it. I was a bit nervous about it all too, but thought oh well, the fabric can always end up back at the oppy! I just laid my favourite dress down on the fabric and traced around it leaving a seam allowance, cut it out, stitched it up and feeling very confident at that stage, decided to try and copy the pleats around the neck and collar. Go on, you can do it. :)

teddybearswednesday said...

Hehe, I love your rambles, and they make perfect sense to me. Perhaps our brains work in the same way, but I don't have the excuse of being a new mumma. xo

Megan said...

Oh Yay! How very very exciting like :) I love how you have done the little leaf cut outs for your draw (i'm so totally going to have to steal that for my draw tomorrow, with full credit of course!) and that tin is SO cute!!!

I'm sure no one blames you for the late draw, new motherhood must be chaotic already, even without a visit from the mother in law. Hope you are all nicely recovered now :)