Friday, 25 June 2010

on & off the hook...

There's been some happy hooking around these parts of late.
On the hook we have a little cardigan coming along rather nicely. It's destined for the ever-growing baby with a squeal possessed by the dark forces. I kid you not, this kid can bring down sky scrapers! Lucky we live in the country then, isn't it. Not too many of those around our parts.
Anyway, the cardigan is lovely & when I can remember where on the interwebnet I found the pattern... I'll let you know. The wool is Bendigo Luxury in Lake & it's soft as a lamb. Funny that.To keep the witty humour going, I thought I'd show you my noggin.
Off the hook, we have a delightful ribbed beanie. Perfect for pin heads like me.
Again, can't remember where I found this pattern either. It's pretty easy once you figure out what 'double crochet around front post' means. My crochet vocabulary is rockin at the moment, so many new things to learn.
This one is destined for a friend, I can't have two blue beanies. I think mine shall be a nice warm grey... or brown... do you think red... maybe green.
Off to rescue the squealing miniature milk pump... or Huckle, as some others like to call him.


BOB & MABEL said...

Oh how I wish I could crochet. Loving the beanie, the buttons look great on it.

Christina said...

Oooh, yes, do share the pattern of that sweet little cardi. I have been given a ball of 5 ply Bendigo wool in that colour and have been looking for a sweet crochet cardi that I can make in either a size 2 for Cohen or a smaller size for a friend who just found out she is also having a boy.

I am the opposite of a pin head, so beanies are a no no for me, but they do suit your noggin nicely.

Cohen loves squealing to the point of giving me a headach too. Please say he will grow out of it?!

sue said...

The little jacket looks so cute and the I love the beanie. I really do wish I had more luck with crochet but I always seem to forget the actual stitches once I try to do it. I am alright doing the one sort of stitch but once a pattern says to do lots of things I just cant manage it. I hope your little screaming Huckle quietens down a little bit for you!

beccasauras said...

Ahh, bliss, craft and babies. Is it a happy squeal? Hope so, hope it's not a massive cry! I copped a massive wee on me today from a little boy at the centre having his checkup, so warm, then so cold!

lady bird said...

that colour blue is stunning!

teddybearswednesday said...

hehe, your cute. Love the cardy and the beanie!

Christina said...

PS. The ball of wool I have is called 'Classic Poseidon' and I have started this pattern -

Which looks horrible in that wool. Do you have ravelry? If you do, it's this one -

Hope your having a good weekend too! :)