Sunday, 6 June 2010

up town adventure...

We had a big trip into town today. Yep, we took ourselves to the big smoke... Melbourne.
I had everything planned to a 'T'. We left the house at nine & were back by five, as we had to put away the chooks & ducks on dusk. I planned our itinerary to work around Huckle's feeds. We didn't want the little guy getting upset or having to wait too long for food. The day went really well & our plan worked. We got in a bit of shopping, a visit to a friend, a lovely lunch & some ice cream too. I feel very accomplished of our feat. I've been a bit nervous about going into melbourne with him as it's alot of driving & alot to ask of someone so very small. Hopefully we can do it this well next time.
It showered on & off throughout the day. We were lucky to see at least five different rainbows! Big beautiful fat double ended rainbows. I didn't have a chance to photograph them... I run a tight ship, no time for dilly-dallying about. Until you're on the home straight that is.
We saw the most amazing scene as we were coming home. As we started the drive up the hill the sun was shining a brilliant yellow over western port bay. You can see here in this pic the mist on the left half... that was a really fine rain slowly coming over the top of us. It was such fine rain, the type that may fall upon a pixie's toadstool in a magical forest.
Gradually the rain cloud smothered the sun & made it look all hazy.
Looking the opposite direction into the paddocks, the sun was casting a warm golden glow.
Such beautiful colours.
I hope your sunday was fun & exciting & full of beauty too.


Christina said...

Good on you Kitty! You should feel a sense of accomplishment on these sort of occasions. Now that you have done it once you will be able to do it again and again!

I remember taking Cohen when he was but a tiny babe in arms, to meet his Great Grandmother, two and a half hours away. I felt guilty for having him sit in a car for that length of time, even with stops for cuddles and feeds. But you know what? He did so well that we went and visited her a few times when he was very small. And I'm so glad we did it, as she passed away this year.

Cohen got so good at the trips that it was nothing for him to drive the 40 mins to his Grandparents house or the two hours to his Aunts. I think they get used to it and Cohen loves to sleep in a moving car. :)

Megan said...

glad the trip to melb went just as it should have done! good boy huckle :)

lovely photos, and lucky you seeing 4 rainbows!