Monday, 19 July 2010

bye bye melly...

My sister has flown away home, it was really great to have her & her boy visit. There was lots of laughs & lots of teasing & lots of cuddles for Huckle.
There was lots of good food too. I love having visitors, I get to cook all sorts of yummy things. I made pumpkin risotto, chocolate pudding, roast lamb, scarecrow pie, apple crumble, pea soup, milo biscuits, bread... I think that was all. Guess what's for dinner tonight? Leftovers! Yum.
I made her a hat too, the one on her head. I don't think she'll have much use for it up in brisbane town. She'll just have to visit us more often.
Her boy Zan also fixed my computer. So very good of him. I'm so happy to have ol' Tom-puter well again. Thanks Zan.
Not much else happening today. Tomorrow I think I'll potter about in the studio. Til then...


teddybearswednesday said...

It's lovely having people to stay and having some special sister time, I'm in need of that a bit at the moment.
Sounds like you had a gorgeous time, lucky Melly, pumpkin risotto, apple crumble pea soup!!!!Plus a hat to boot. I think I'm goinna pay you a visit, with such yummy food.

Sue said...

How wonderful to have your sister visit you. I love her hat. I just crocheted my very first hat last night! I was just wondering what scarecrow pie is, I have never heard of it before but those Milo biscuits do sound very yummy. Would you share the recipe?