Wednesday, 21 July 2010

do you know nana midge?...

Nana Midge knitted Huckle a lovely cardigan, with matching mittens & booties. Isn't she sweet.
Only problem is... I've got absolutely no idea who Nana Midge is!
The parcel was sent from Queensland & I'm very certain I'm not related to this person. I've asked the husband & he hasn't the faintest idea either. But it was addressed to Huckle & it turned up in our letterbox; one can only assume that this person knows us, therefore we should know them... shouldn't we?
How very curious. Maybe Nana Midge is a code name. If you know who Nana Midge is, will you please enlighten us. We'd like to write a thankyou card, but how do you thank someone when you don't know who they are?


pen said...

huckle's got a stalker!
at least she can knit!

Andi said...

What a delicious (if a little disconcerting) surprise!

Sue said...

Doesnt your sister live in Qld, maybe she knows who she is. It is a beautiful little pressie too, lucky she is a great knitter!

suze2000 said...

This reminds me of a wedding gift we received. It turned up at our wedding and for 18 months I had no idea who "Rhonda and Tony" were. It was only when a dear friend of mine returned from Europe that is crossed my mind that Rhonda was her mum! (I didn't know the name of her partner at the time)

As I'm sure you'll agree, it's very hard to send a thankyou card if you don't know who to thank! :)

Megan said...

awww huckle's first secret admirer!! and such very talented admirer as well!

good luck tracking nana midge down :)