Tuesday, 13 July 2010

getting back to it...

Not much going on around these parts today. We had an overnight stay in melbourne on the weekend, so yesterday was all about the sleep. There's always so much to do whenever we go up town & by the end of our stay we were just exhausted. Today is feeling like a little more will be done.
I've been fiddling around with the manual settings on my camera lately. I learnt it all when I was younger, but haven't retained any of it. So it's been decided that I shall re-learn all of the bizzo that makes photography interesting.
These were taken on another early morning walk in my wellies. Both of these photos are of the same thing. Every leaf had a drop of dew upon it & the rising sun lit them all up like fairy lights.Pretty, huh.
Must toddle off now. I've got oppy linens to wash, bread to bake, a lounge to tidy, tea to drink & a fire to admire. All while the little Huckle is counting sheep. See you.

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Casie said...

Gorgeous colours in that second photo.