Wednesday, 14 July 2010

winter blooms...

I'm doing my darndest not to think about how cold it is at the moment.
Winter is winter, it will always be & every year it will come round again.
I've made a pact with myself to enjoy it for all it's beauty. Get out into the paddocks with the wellies, run around with the dogs & do a spot of gardening every now & then.
I remember hearing somewhere that there's no such thing as bad weather... just bad clothes. I totally agree with this statement, it's just taking a while to change my ways.
Here's proof that I've been getting out & enjoying winter. These blooms are blooming right now in my garden.
I hope your garden is blooming too.
In the words of the great Peter Cundall... "Blooming Marvelous".


lady bird said...

Totally agree there is beauty in winter, especially when you have Camilla's in your garden. Love that statement too!

Kate said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous photos.
This year, for the first time in my life, I am appreciating winter. I have all the appropriate gear, Bren is inside more and all the other boys have gone home early today. What's not to like?

Bellgirl said...

What a lovely garden you have!