Friday, 6 August 2010

I've been crafty...

Yes it's true!
I've been working away at this little quilt for a while now. A few moments here, a few moments there. Today I finished piecing the top together. It's such a relief to have it done. Now I can get onto some hand quilting on the couch. Not right now... maybe tonight, or tomorrow night. I think I'll stitch different size circles all over. What do you think?
I want to finish it soon so I can gift it to a darling little baby named Izzy. I had originally intended these fabrics for our baby... but he turned out to be a boy. As much as colours are for everyone... there may just be a bit too much pink in this one.
It's as wonky as anything, but I'm a great fan of the wonk. Beauty in imperfection, I say.
The bluebird fabric is a sweet vintage flannel I found on ebay many moons ago. The spots are honeycomb & the floral was from spotlight. The floral matches the honeycomb colours perfectly, they just had to be together.

There's been lots of rain down our way, the ground is so muddy. The ducks think it's fantastic, they waddle around making mud puddles everywhere. The chickens however, are not so impressed. They all shelter around the house, looking like drowned rats. Such different creatures.
I'm loving the bright winter blooms. The camelias & jonquils are out in force, the wattle flowers can be seen for miles & the roses & daffodils are slowly making their entrance too. This pretty lot are now sitting in a vase upon my table. Lovely.
I scored bigtime at the oppie yesterday. A whole heap of vintage linen & 5 old jars for the pantry. The linen is being relieved of it's op shop aroma, I'll show you when they're dry.
Happy weekend to you.


pen said...

I do love camelias
its a childhood thing
those glossy dark leaves
so pretty

Christina said...

The quilt looks fantastic! I'm sure Izzy will love it. I brought some of that fabric from Spotlight too. Love the vintage look of it.

I love camellias too. I used to live on Camelia street and had a huge camellia in the front yard. I also love seeing the wattle everywhere along the highway near here. It really makes the highway look more cheerful, those yellow pom pom flowers taking over the road side.

Hope you have a great weekend.


teddybearswednesday said...

Oh Kitty the quilt is exquisite! I love it!! Such perfect wonk, not that I can see it, but love your attitude.

Running Thread said...

I a huge fan of the wonk myself! Well done on progressing your quilt top - so hard with a little one. It's looking lovely.

Casie said...

Lucky Izzy!