Tuesday, 3 August 2010

ups & downs & round abouts...

Life has been exactly that the past few days. One day is great, the next is oh so hard. One day the Huckle sleeps, the next he screams like a banshee. He's just come out of a bout with a virus, so the dear little man is still a bit unsure about things. All he wants is his mama, for she has cuddle & warmth.We've been so lucky to have such a healthy boy, I think the sickness has thrown me back a little.
Yesterday he was in a chipper mood & there was an impromptu photo session in the sunroom (Yes, the sun does shine down here in arctic tropical gippsland... enough to warrant a sunroom though? Prbably not).
I must have taken 30 odd shots, he was really playing up to the camera.
We ventured out into the big world yesterday for some lunch at a local cafe. It's run by an old nonna & her husband. They have a fresh produce store, aswell as growing grapes, olives, fruit & vegies on their land. Huckle had cuddles with Nonna Gina, while we had antipasto & pie. The sun shone brightly & spring seemed so very close, I can't wait.
Today has been a bit of a crazy one. We've managed to move some sleepers, work on the vegie patch, chop down some trees (not me, that was Samuel), cut some fabric, make a fleecy hat, bog two trucks in the paddock (again, not me & yes two trucks!) & tend to the Huckle who isn't very keen on the whole 'lying in bed & going to sleep' thing.
So... the trucks are still in the paddock, it's really bloody freezing, I've had six cups of tea & the husband has a bruised hand from punching the steering wheel of the truck with cursive frustration.
Hopefully tomorrow will be super boring!

Oh & one day soon, there'll be a crafty post. I promise, really I do.
That's all.


beck said...

Welcome to the rest of your life! Just joking. But it's partly true I think. What you have described makes me think of family life, a life that is unpredictable, sometimes it's sunny and sometimes it's a stuck in the mud kind of day. So grab the cuddles, enjoy the beautiful smiles & keep on trucking, it looks like you are doing a wonderful job xo

dixiebelle said...

Sick bubbas, so not good for anyone... hope he is on the mend now. When our babies were little & sick, or having unsettled times, we tried to make sure there was lots of 'down time'... or go into 'survival mode', where you just focus on the basics, and be happy if you can manage to eat, shower and maybe, maybe, do a load of washing!

He looks so cute in those photos! They get to that more interactive age, but yes, means less long naps in the day, when mumma's usually get things done! I found it was more harmonious if I could accept it, rather than coming up with ways to fight it/ change it!!

Andi said...

SO hard when they aren't well and can't tell you where it hurts!!
Hope tomorrow is an excellently boring day.
Andi x

PS Huckle has the worlds best cheeks ... but you knew that ;-)