Monday, 9 August 2010

a little monday maintenance...

Never, ever, ever under any circumstance, prune a rose bush without gloves on!
I guess you knew that already, huh. I thought I knew it too... until today that is.
Let me paint the picture...
Huckle was down for a nap & I thought I'd do some pruning. My intention wasn't to prune the rose, it was to prune the grapevine. I set about pruning the vine & all was going swimmingly well, until the part where the vine had entwined itself into said rose bush. Feeling quite savvy about my pruning thus far, I thought I'd kill two birds with the one stone & prune the rose bush too. Let me just say... that was a stupid idea! Perhaps I was all giddy from the joy of traipsing around the garden in my hunters.Daffodils are lovely... they don't need pruning.
I should have stopped at the first sign of danger, but my foolishness had the better of me. My right hand is now completely covered in scratches. At least I have something to show for it. Eight metres of vine pruned & three viscious rose bushes trimmed within an inch of their lives. Ha! I sure taught them a lesson.
After spending a good deal of time daydreaming on the couch this morning, I thought that doing a spot of gardening would be good for the soul. Now I am reviewing that thought & have come to the conclusion that daydreaming is a much safer sport. In my daydreams I designed a dream kitchen, planned a garden layout (now edited to exclude the flowering devil bush) & eaten scones with jam & cream. Aaah daydreams, how I love you so.
We were served another lot of duck eggs this morning, but they are out of our reach. The silly things laid them amongst the floating reeds in the middle of the dam. Hmmm. We must find a middle ground between 'wild' & 'kept' ducks if this relationship is going to be a happy one. Either that, or I need to hitch on some waders. Something tells me that wading into the dam first thing in the morning will not be my cup of tea. Why not? Because it's freezing, it's wet & it's dirty! I'm not a prissy girl by any means, but those three things are really not for me.
Today I think I prefer the more gentle side of country life. Tea & cake, rolling green hills & never ending skies. Bliss.
If you're looking for me, I'll be on the couch with my nose in a magazine & my head in the clouds.

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