Wednesday, 18 August 2010

winter blues...

I'm still here, up on the hill. I've just been hibernating & conserving energy. Winter is really getting to me & I long for the sun to come out for more than an hour at a time. The non-stop rain & wind (with a little hail thrown in for good measure) has surely had it's fun & should now retire to somewhere else.
Yes, I'm very whingy. Which is another reason for not being around lately. I keep remembering the words of my mother... "if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all". Trust me, it is good that I've followed this advice; for you have been saved from my misery. Now to save myself.
I trunched around the orchard this morning, searching for signs. Reassurance that spring is on its way. Sure enough, it is. Thank goodness for that! Already my heart feels lighter & head less foggy.
The apricots are starting to bud
& almond tree is blossoming.
We lost a duck last night, so we are now down to four. I don't think it was a fox, but I can't think what else it could have been. Samuel is out in the shed, knocking up a floating house for them. Hopefully this will keep them safe & happy.
The faithful Arthur has been assisting with the design.There has been a little crafting to keep my sanity above ground & hopefully I'll be returned to my high-spirited self soon. I'm so grateful to have my boys to cheer me up.
Here's to the coming of spring! Hip hip...


Cindy said...

I think this weather is getting to everyone at the moment - not that I wont be the first to complain when it gets sweaty.
My word verification is "cabood" - it is even personalised for you

Sue said...

Hasnt the weather been miserable. We had strong winds and rain this morning and thankfully it is now 14 degrees outside! I think spring is on its way as I have been spying little daffodils popping up in my neighbour's garden. I think I am looking forward too to a bit of sunshine. I hope you dont lose anymore ducks, unless they have gone to visit a neighbour. Do they fly at all or did you have clip their wings!

dixiebelle said...

I've been suffering the winter blues a bit too, but now my plans for Spring gardening have started, I feel much better! Hope you do soon too.

Cathy {Tinniegirl} said...

Yes, bring on Spring. I've been feeling the winter here too. I keep telling Ms L, August is the worst.