Thursday, 26 August 2010

my creative space...

There hasn't been any quilt stitching of late, I've been flirting around with some quick & easy projects instead. I'll get back on the quilt wagon soon enough.
I've got so much going on in my head, lots of ideas for crafty things. I get a bit antsy every now & then & I just want to make something. Something that takes less than half an hour to have a finished product. Some days when Huckle is napping, I dash out to the studio & make like a crazy woman. No patterns, no measuring, just cut & sew. Admittedly, there's not that many things that this practice works well with. Burp cloths though, I could do blindfolded. Ok, so maybe that was a stretch... but they are super easy.
I used a fat quarter of fabric & a cloth nappy, cut both in half, sewed together, turned right way out, top stitched & Bob's your uncle. Too easy & very rewarding.
These are destined for the newest baby on the block (baby hasn't arrived yet, for once I'm getting in early).
Hopefully I can rustle up a bib in the same manner. Maybe I'll have something to show next week. I'm not making any promises though; could be a big disaster, might not happen at all.
That's how it is at my place, fly by the seat of my pants & take each day as it comes. The beauty of life with a Huckle. We pretend that we're farmers & take on "there's always tomorrow" attitude. This is great, until you start to say it every day & nothing gets done. Hee hee, lucky I'm my own boss then.
I might take that back actually, Huckle does a very good job of being the boss.

Pop of to Kirstys if you want a fix.


Jaclyn said...

Is it bad that all my projects are the 'fly by the seat of my pants' type? :) the project looks great, well done!

Megan said...

fly by the seat of my pants is pretty much my mantra as well! i just think its great you're finding any time to create, i struggle finding a bit of time without any newborns o r any kids at all for that matter! keep it up, little projects are the best. what about a cushion cover? they are easily done with a wing it attitude, i speak from experience here!

teddybearswednesday said...

Loving your fly by the seat making Kitty.
that antsy feeling can be a real drive you up the wall can't it.

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog through a comment you left on another blog some time ago...glad I found you! I live in West Gippsland...not far from you...sort of...and have a similar style blog to yours. I am definately coming back for more reading about you and your lifestyle.