Friday, 3 September 2010

right now...

Wow. How fast does a week go! The past week has been full of ups & downs, a crazy ride of emotions on very little sleep. We went up to melbourne on saturday & stayed with some wonderful friends. It was so nice to just hang out & not be rushed to get back home.
I was very lucky to pop out to camberwell market all on my own. It was my first time away from the little man. The market gods gave generously & I walked away with some great finds.
The rest of the week we've just been pottering about the house. Spring has arrived, but I'm still waiting for proof. It's as if winter is just wearing a spring coat, like the wolf in sheeps clothing. I know what you really are... you can't fool me.
It does seem that the older I get, the madder I become (mad, like the hatter... not like the queen). Does anyone else feel this way?
Enough of my ramblings. This is what I'm up to right now...
Reading: organic gardening books
Listening: to cowboy junkies
Knitting: waffle pattern face washers

Baking: Lots of different breads

Watching: gourmet farmer & food safari on dvd

Learning: about natural remedies for health & home

Growing: not much yet, getting ready for spring planting

Crocheting: dishcloths, washers, softies

Sewing: pants for Huckle... well I'm trying to

Wearing: still layering it up, think cardigans, hoodies & trackies... very glamorous

Smelling: bread baking, dried lavender, essential oils

Writing: lists, lists & more lists... nothing ever changes

Wishing: for warmer days & more time outside

Drawing: designs for mobiles & softies & other lovely things

Cooking: with inspiration from food safari... turkish, italian, moroccan...

Experimenting: with lots of things... my life is one big experiment!

Eating: way too many roast almond choc chip bikkies, homemade of course

Playing: silly games with my little guy, lots of giggles & squealing

Enjoying: the special moments with my boys

Coveting: the new nancybird range, I'm saving my pennies for the weekender
Liking: the change of season, hello spring!

Thinking: too much! over analysing is a habit I'm trying to kick
Collecting: treasures from the camberwell market

What are you up to?


Janine said...

I was at the market on Sunday too! I was drooling over the buttons (hope you didn't buy any I drooled on...), but refrained from purchasing as I have WAY too many buttons already.
Sounds like your days are very contentedly occupied... lovely.

Andi said...

Fantastic button finds!!

Jaclyn said...

busy lady, i'm tired just hearing about your week - here's to a productive yet restful weekend!

Casie said...

Loving those button photos.
I won't even start on how unproductive I feel when I look at your list!!

Karen said...

Oooh what a gorgeous haul - and still on their button cards - I love that.
Haven't been to the market for ages - which is bad considering it's about 15 minutes away!