Wednesday, 8 September 2010


There's lot's going on in my head, not much is reaching beyond that though. I scored big time at the oppy today, vintage sheets galore! There were so many, I had to leave some behind. I was on a budget & plus, my arms can only wrap around so many. I think the count is at 14, with a few pillow slips thrown in for good measure.
They're all part of my sneaky plan. Well, it's not actually that sneaky. I'll tell you all about it, when I can get some more time in the studio.

Speaking of studio... tomorrow is father son day. Yep, the Samuel is having a whole day with the Huckle. I plan to spend my time in the studio tinkering away. Of course I'll come back inside every four hours to feed the hungry boy. But a whole day to myself once a week, I'm so excited. I'll have to plan it out, so I don't just go in there & procrastinate. Yes, that's what I'll do. I'll write a list of things that are for the doing & stick it somewhere where I can't escape it. That way I won't forget what I've set out to acheive. Good plan, I say.
I haven't written tomorrows list yet, better get crackin. Maybe I'll churn out a few cards. This one has been sent to my pa, late of course. I can't break this wonderful tradition I've got going. Late cards & pressies are the go, I say.
Well lookout productivity, here I come!


Carmel said...

Wow - good sheet shoppping!
My collection is building so slowly, I'm luck if I find 1 good sheet every 2 months.
Have a great day in the studio!

Janine said...

A whole day to play in your fabulous studio... now that sounds like fun! I hope your list inspires lots of productivity, and if not, well procrastination can be very therapeutic too. Or so I like to tell myself.

Susan L (lily40au) said...

14 sheets ... oh wow! can i come shopping with you next time? i'm suffering serious vintage sheet envy. LOL well done.

Jaclyn said...

ahh, father & son day is adorable. hope you get lots of crafty things ticked off your list!

teddybearswednesday said...

Loving those sheets Kitty.
I think it's wonderful you are getting a day to yourself, while the boys hang out. I'm sure you won't quite know yourself, but you deserve some definite you time.
I'm excited to see what will come out of tomorrow and
hearing about your sneaky plan. Enjoy xo