Monday, 6 September 2010

wind & rain...

How's the weather! So much rain lately. Being up on a hill, we're fortunate to escape the floods. However, give us a bit of wind & there's the threat that the house might blow away.
The howling winds kept us all awake on saturday night. I lay in bed praying to the gumtree gods that one would not fall onto the roof. Well, the prayers worked... kinda.

Two gums were uprooted along with a teatree, taking out the fence to the neighbours paddock.
A huge gum snapped in half & took out part of the willow, missing the shed & sparing my little lemon tree. A big branch fell on our truck & another small tree was also snapped in half.
I'm so grateful that all damage is minor & should be cleaned up by the end of the week.
I'd like some mild weather now, that's not too much to ask? Is it?
I've got spring planting to do & we're very behind on prepping the vegie patch. Right now it looks more like a rice paddy. Maybe I should grow rice.
We've had a slow day today. I'm gearing myself up for some productivity tomorrow, fingers crossed.


Jaclyn said...

wow, that was a close call! hope things dry up for you guys soon so work on the veggie patch can begin!

clare's craftroom said...

Yes it's been a bit wild here too ! I'm glad no one was hurt , take care .

Jodie said...

I hope those cute cows didn't escape !!!

Its been a crazy wild weekend of weather here...