Tuesday, 9 November 2010

a very trying monday...

Yesterday, the Huckster & I weren't feeling too flash. The bread dough sat on the counter all day, emails went unanswered, the phone was ignored & all work was put on hold.
There was much clashing of the heads too.
Mama wanted to dress Huckle... Huckle did not want to be dressed, kicking & screaming, getting very upset.
Mama tried to breastfeed Huckle... Nope, don't want it, can't make me. More kicking & screaming.
Mama tried to give lunch/dinner... two mouthfuls, yuck yucko, don't want it.
Mama put Huckle down to sleep, 9am, 1pm, 4:30pm... No way, no sleeping, not me, not now, not today!
Dad-dad gave Huckle a bath... Huckle was happy.
Mama gave Huckle his dinner breastfeed... Huckle was happy, fell asleep absolutely exhausted from such a tiring day.
Between the clashing of Mama & Huckle, we spent our time chilling out, keeping Huckle happy & giving lots of cuddles & kisses. I dare say the teeth are to blame for all this. Poor little guy. He's just trying to be the bestest & happiest Huckle that ever was & along come some knobbly little white things that want to spoil his fun. I hope they finally appear & give him a break.
Well, today is a new day & hopefully it's a little easier on us both. I might even get some work done.
And yes, in case you were wondering... the bread did get baked late last night & it was delicious.


Sue said...

Oh poor Huckle having teething problems. I used to let my kids suck on ice blocks to ease the pain and also bonjella gel if it got really painful. He looks quite happy in his pic. Hope you both have a much better day today.

Jaclyn said...

hang in there mama, i can only imagine how trying these days must be..just take it step by step..x

Megan said...

i hope huckles teeth come through as well, not just to give him a break but you as well!! poor huckle and mama day. hopefully he slept through the night after the lack of sleep during the day so that you managed to get a good sleep as well

dillpickle said...

Those days are so yuck and demoralising for a mama. I hope yesterday and today have been better! I keep reminding myself when those days happen that they pass and whatever the issue was will resolve sooner rather than later, but when I'm in the midst of them, it's really hard to convince myself that it's true. Bleurgh. Hang in there.