Sunday, 5 December 2010

7 months...

I really can't believe that our little Huckle is 7 months old. It's the biggest cliche, but time really does fly. I'm certain of it.
He is changing everyday, sometimes I feel like I'm trying to keep up with him.
Our dear little man, you are such the character.
Always smiling & laughing, intent on having a chat with whoever shall listen. You wake your dad-dad in the morning with a gentle pat on the arm, but more often than not it's a whack in the face. You holler your lungs out to let him know you are there & that it's high time that he wake.
You crawl about the room, hunting down all things forbidden... papers, mama's pencils, dad-dad's books. We try & distract you by building block towers, you knock them down & giggle away. We throw the ball & you throw it back. With good intentions of course, but most of the time it goes the other direction. You love that little ball (thanks Justine & Mike)!
This week you have learnt to sit from crawling position. A skill that makes you quite happy. You've also started to pull yourself up on things, such strong little arms. You love to stand & bounce, it's often quite difficult to get you to sit.
Dinner time is always a mess, as you insist on feeding yourself. Your favourite foods are cheese, pasta, banana, mama's homemade frozen yoghurt, cucumber sticks & avocado sandwiches... to name a few. Having some wee little teeth makes eating lot's of fun.
Day sleeping is on the agenda at the moment. You've decided that it is much more fun to roll over & crawl about the cot. This is making mama crazy, please sleep.

Dear little man, you make your mama & dad-dad so very happy.
Thank you for being our little guy.

P.S. Jess, Huckle absolutely adores his teddy.


Andi said...

Happy 7 months Huckle.
I can see it already is!!
Andi x

bec said...

wow, he's doing everything nice and early! walking by one, for sure! Slow down Huckle, it's not a race!
Yell if you want the sleep help, I'll come and hang out for the weekend. You'd be one tired mama with such an active boy!

teddybearswednesday said...

HAPPY 7 months Huckle. you totally get more adorable as time goes on, which I didn't think that was possible.
And I ADORE these pictures of Huckle and teddy!!
thank you xo

Able and Game said...

Hey Kitty, I was reading and old blog post and had linked to you and thought, ooh I wonder what you're up to. And then I saw you had a little baby! Wowies so exciting! Congrats!