Friday, 3 December 2010

making room...

Many moons ago, I made beautiful books & photo albums featuring japanese paper. In that time, I aquired many rolls of this lovely paper. Many, many rolls. I've thought about it long & hard & I've come to the conclusion that I will simply never use it all. My aesthetics have shifted & although beautiful, the paper is no longer 'me'. I will be keeping a little for myself, I couldn't part with it entirely.
I'm selling it in A4 size pieces for just $3 a pop, an absolute bargain compared to the $4.50 being asked elsewhere! So, if you have the desire to purchase some lovely paper & help me make some room in my studio... you can pop over here. I still have many designs to list, here's a few that are currently listed.

I've had such a busy week, flitting between tasks. Everything in my life at the moment seems to be a work in progress. I have nothing 'finished' to show, just lots of disorganised piles. My head feels a little like those piles too. I shall go back to my flitting now, in vain hope that some order will soon be restored.
I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, albeit a bit wet for the victorians.
If you're thinking of buying some fresh produce this weekend, please do our farmers a big favour & buy from a farmers market. Pop over to Daylesford Organics to read why & over here to find a market in Vic.


Kate said...

I was going to write about how interesting it is to watch our tastes change over time, then I was going to write about how much I identify with the flitting thing and now I'm just emotional. Thank you so much for linking. It means heaps.
Have the happiest weekend with your gorgeous boys. XX

Megan said...

whenever I'm in Perth I always make time to go to the local farmer's market, best produce ever! and I'll definitely be heading over to buy some of your paper as well, hope that extra space in your studio fills up with something just as beautiful :)

Sonia said...

I understand exactly what you mean about changing tastes. I did the same thing recently with books and papers (for cardmaking). I think as I get older, I'm more willing to accept that things change and am more in touch with what is 'me'.

kasthurirajam said...