Tuesday, 8 February 2011

the good, the bad & the ugly...

WARNING... this post is a tad whingy & perhaps with a hint of sarcasm too.

The good...

:: I turned over another year on monday. Older, wiser, presents & lunch with my boys ::
:: Feeling loved. Birthday wishes from near & far. Thank you so much everybody, you really made my day ::
:: Our vegie garden is out of control. Beans, tomatoes, zucchini, potatoes, potatoes... did I say potatoes! ::
:: The little Huckle man. Chatting away in his dadada, mamamama, nanananana way ::
:: Adventuring like never before, finding all sorts of mischief ::
:: The creativity hamsters are working overtime in my little pin head. I'm so excited to make some new things ::
:: SUNFLOWERS!!! Giants of the plant world growing in my garden, towering over my head ::

Here's my wonderful watch modelling skills.
Watch courtesy of the dear husband, smirking mug & E.T fingers by yours truly.

The bad...

:: Crankiness. I'm shrouded in cranky & I'm not entirely certain as to why ::
:: It could be the fact that I'm getting hives in the middle of summer (usually reserved for the freezing depths of winter) ::
:: Maybe it's because instead of swanning about in a singlet & cut-offs, I'm layered up like an eskimo! ::
:: I'm not really getting anything done. I'm still to figure out if this is feeding the crankiness or if it is a bi-product of said crankiness ::
:: We lost two chickens while we were away. I'm missing having an abundance of eggs. I think we need some barnevelders ::

The ugly...

:: It's definitely not so bad that there's an "ugly", it just made the title sound better ::

It felt good to get all that out, I've been a bit lost for words lately & I think this may have cleared the air.

Do you have a good, bad & ugly list too? I'd love to read it.
I hope your week is full with lots of good. How's that for good english.

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Christina said...

The good, feeling creative and productive and getting some time to do things I want to do. The bad, I'm getting hives too. I'm itchy everyday from the medication I am on for my thyroid. I've been on antihistimines for a month straight. Also, I think that Cohen has heard about the 'terrible two's' and is beginning to go down the path. The ugly, Cohen squealing for half an hour straight at the shops. At the chemist, the newsagency, the post office and Coles. I've no idea why. And in the end I caved in and brought him a lollipop in the hope having something in his mouth might make him quiet. Totally against my rewarding unwanted behaviour ideas. But it worked.