Wednesday, 9 February 2011

in my kitchen...

The boys have popped up town for some manly errands & have left me to my own devices. For a moment I had a battle of ideas, craft? or cook? I could have gone either way, but instead of procrastinating I acted like a "grown up" & just picked one. Cook it was.
Our garden has presented us with an abundance of basil. So while the sun shines & the basil groweth, pesto shall be had by all.
I made just over a litre of the good stuff & now it is safely tucked away to freeze. When the days get shorter, it will be the perfect reminder of summer past.
There's been honeycomb eaten straight from the frame... delicious! Most of the honey has been drained & I've chopped the honeycomb up for further indulgences. Samuel is on the beehive mission now, for our very own colony.
There's veggie stock bubbling away & chickpeas too. I'm making chickpea, tomato & bread soup for tea. The recipe is from "Plenty", by Yotam Ottolenghi. Such a beautiful cookbook, full of many tasty ways with vegetables. A birthday gift from Samuel.
And check out these blackberries from our weekly fruit & veg box. Too good for jam, must be eaten & savoured one by one. I've also been picking some wild blackberries out in the paddock. Nasty things they are, with their sharp thorns. But I think it's worth it. The paddock pickings are no match for these babies though.I've somehow managed to summon the kitchen gods & have also channelled my energy into baking a loaf of bread & perhaps something sweet as well. Now to make Huckle food, then I'm off for a nap.
I hope your day has been super productive & fun too.

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Sonia said...

Spectacular! I love a good solid baking session. I have a stack of basil waiting for me to do this same thing. I haven't tackled bread before with any enthusiasm but I've been tempted. Maybe one of these days...