Thursday, 17 February 2011

my creative space...

I am a tortoise.
For all things creative are slowly but surely happening around theses parts. The Hare is miles ahead, but that's ok. I'm not big on races anyway.
There are a couple of Sleepy Bye Bears coming together. I've been trialling out different linens to get the desired feel that I'm after. All that I have tried so far have had too open a weave which has caused fraying & stuffing issues. I'm happy to say that Kona have come up with the goods & their linen/cotton blend is the way to go. The backs are of course made from vintage sheets, I'm just loving the blue. Perhaps next week these two lovelies will be all stitched up... we'll see.
There's been a little more hooking too. The gum blossom blankie has aquired two more colours & I'm joining as I go to make the whole process a bit smoother (fingers crossed).

We had a magnificent storm yesterday afternoon. Huckle & I were enjoying a bit of sun when we saw it headed towards us across the hills. Needless to say, I was inside as quick as a whippet. Or something like that.
The power refused to make up it's mind & the evening was spent watching the latest series of Weeds & sitting in the dark. I think it went out about 15 times over 4 hours.
That's all from me today. I'm off to curl up on the couch with a bit of crochet while the wee man sleeps.
Pop over to Koo's to see what everyone else is up to.
Have a lovely day.


teddybearswednesday said...

I'm definetly a tortetoise too, I actually enjoy the projects the most that take a long time.
The blue is gorgeous, and so is the blanket is progress.
Hope you have a wonderful day lovely and stay dry too! xo

Vic said...

Hello fellow tortetoise!!! I am slow & steady, but I don't know if I ever win the race?!

We've got a storm in motion right now, it's actually quite nice.

Kate said...

Hmmm you've got me thinking now. I think I am different hare and tortoise wise in different crafts. Sewing has to be fast or it wont ever be finished and knitting sssssssslllllllloooooooowwwwwww...I love the look of your creative spaces. That blue of the sheet is fab. Have a lovely hooky night. X

Catherine said...

tortoise is good I think. When I try to be a hare, I can make mistakes and end up giving up... your projects are looking lovely indeed...

Taylor Made said...

What sweet colours in your hooking...crafting has to be about the process sometimes not just the end product.

Anonymous said...

Slow is good. You get to admire things along the way then. (Or completely unravel half a hat...sigh.)

What an awesome spot to watch a storm roll in.

Jellywares said...

Love the crochet blanket progress, the colours are gorgeous..

Jodie :)

Gaby said...

That blanket looks great, such pretty colours!

p.s. I was kidding about the chickens! But someday, someday I'll live on a farm with at least 2 dogs and a whole bunch of chickens. And maybe a cow, although husband is skeptical of the cow idea for some reason.