Tuesday, 22 February 2011

on mornings & acceptance...

I'm not quite sure how it happens but the end of the week hurtles past & before I know it, it's next week... tuesday in fact. How does life feel so very busy, when I don't really do much? Well I do a lot of being a mama, I guess... & then a lot of slouching about, regenerating energy cells of course. Hmmm, at least I'm never bored.
Often this past week, we've been greeted with early morning fog with quite a chill in the air. It feels like summer was long ago & winter has snuck in early. To think that yesterday, I contemplated lighting a fire... in FEBRUARY! I think I'll have to start working on some beanies & mittens for Huckle, before the real cold comes.
Gosh, I make it sound like we're going to get metres of snow. Nope, no snow here... just gale force winds, fresh off the bass strait. They gallop their way up the hills & land right on our door step. Dramatic, no?
Amidst the chill & fog, there is much to admire outside. We walk down the path, open the gate, watch three crazy dogs race down the hill, catch a glimpse of three ducks waddling back to the dam, admire the sunflowers that tower over our heads & hear the magpies sing their morning song.
Such a beautiful way to greet a new day.

:: Please note, that I am not a morning person. I struggle with removing my body from the warmth of blankets. My heavy eyelids struggle to defy gravity, whilst my weary bones creak with every movement they make. I'm cranky & cross & very unimpressed with the world for causing me the grievance of waking. So this post is to help me see the beauty of the morning & perhaps overcome the struggle. Because I have to wake up, I just have to learn to enjoy it & take it for all that it is. Aaah, acceptance is a beautiful thing. Is it not?

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Jopsy said...

lovely to find your blog!
we too live on a smallholding with alpaca! (in Devon, UK)
jo :)