Tuesday, 29 March 2011

11 months...

Warning! Gushing, proud mama post, an update for family folk who live far, far away.

Ooh, we're getting close to the big single digit!
Huckle turned 11 months last thursday.
It's all go, go, go in Huckle land, here's a bit of what he gets up to.
:: he growls while shaking his head :: very funny ::
:: he says "ta" when giving or receiving something ::
:: he says cow & dog (leaving off the last letter) & will point to them when asked ::
:: I ask what story shall we read & he picks one off the shelf, brings it over & climbs into my lap ::
:: his favourites are, The very hungry caterpillar :: I am a bunny :: & Charley Harper's 123's ::
:: he loves putting hats on & spends a good part of the day going through our hat collection ::
:: when outside, he loves to pick dandelions & gift them to his mama ::
:: he has a terrible habit for whacking us in the face with any given object :: it hurts a lot ::
:: he likes to ride atop the wash basket, when I'm doing the laundry ::
:: favourite foods are :: soba salad :: blueberries :: dahl :: quinoa kichiri :: raisins ::
:: he loves to play his drum & xylophone :: of course, whacking something with a stick ::
:: he waks a few steps before landing on his toosh ::
:: can walk the length of the hall with just a hand on the wall ::

:: he loves, loves, loves being outside ::

Here he is, 11 months & happy to be a Huckle.

Teddy by Jess RMTB (Royal Maker of Teddy Bears)


Tania said...

He is very cute and that old teddy is just precious! That hat is pretty darn cute on him too.

bec said...

too too cute!

teddybearswednesday said...

PS thank you,