Monday, 28 March 2011

two years...

Two years ago I married this handsome man.
It's been two years of love, laughter & so much more.
In these two years we've moved to the country, been on several (ie. I've lost count) mad car/bike/chicken/alpaca/etc acquiring adventures & had a beautiful baby Huckle.
I wonder what is in install for us for the years to come.
I do know that we'll be by each others side the whole way, with Huckle in tow & that makes me truly happy.
Happy Anniversary my love.
I love this shot.
The wedding car... our old '48 Bedford & a mates bsa on the back.
We got a few looks that day.


Christina said...

Happy Anniversary! Beautiful shot indeed! Hope it's a special day for you both! :)

Jaclyn said...

happy anniversary - stunning photo!

Kate said...

Happy anniversary you sweet lovebirds! X