Thursday, 14 April 2011

of warm days & winter...

The days are getting shorter around these parts, warm & sunny days are a real treat. 
Last week Huckle & I spent many days on the lawn having picnics & watching the alpacas.
He loves being outside so much & often cries when we go back inside. I'm not sure how keen I'll be to go outside to play in the middle of winter. We'll definitely have to rug up! The wind down here roars off the Bass Strait, fresh from Antarctica. Brrrr.
I must get to making some lovely winter woolies before winter is upon us. I have a wishlist already written out. It goes something like this:
Huckle:: 2 beanies, 2 neckwarmers, mittens, a vest, a jumper & some warm pants
Mama:: beanie, cowl & wrist warmers
Husband:: jumper, wristwarmers & a manly cowl
I'm looking forward to nights in front of the fire knitting & crocheting away. It's nice to look forward to the cooler weather (ahem. what do I mean "look forward to"! It's been here for months).
Are you looking forward to winter? 


Elise said...

Definately looking forward to winter! Frolicking in the snow, snuggling to keep warm with loved ones, hot chocolate & knitting by the fire = Bliss!!

Catherine said...

These photos are lovely!
I need to get started on a wishlist, and then some knitting, pretty quickly I think - I really am noticing the cold now!