Friday, 5 August 2011


At least one part of my life is organised. 
I've found the perfect storage for my button collection. 
Now to build it some runners so it can slide under my sewing desk.
Oh & fill the rest of the compartments, of course! Ha ha.
Many of these buttons were scored at a Buttonmania vintage sale. Others were picked up from oppies.
Do you have many buttons? How do you store yours?


Catherine said...

Your buttons look so very pretty all organised into their own little cubby hole. I do love your collection:) My buttons are not nearly as organised but I have them sitting in an old vintage milk bottle I picked up on a trip out west. The only problem is that I have to tip them out to find what button I'm looking for and then have to pick them all up again, oh well:) Have a wonderful weekend. x

Andi said...


celia said...

Goodness, just looking at that is making me happy.. :)