Sunday, 7 August 2011

tales from the chook house...

Well, after the Otto dog killed of 5 chickens, we were left with three girls that weren't yet laying.
Otto went away to live with his uncle & soon after eggs started appearing. Perhaps they were waiting until they felt safe.
They're now giving us three eggs a day, six days of the week. Lovely little chookies, they are.
Every morning Huckle collects them & carries them in his basket. 
Still to this day, no egg has been harmed. He is a very careful little man.

Do you have chickens? I really do recommend them. Delicious eggs, pest control (we haven't seen a snail since we've had them) & free manure for the garden.
When we move up town, we'll be sure to move to a council that allows chickens. Most Melbourne councils allow up to 6 chickens before requiring a permit. I'm determined to take a little "country" with us.

I hope you Sunday is lovely. 
We're off to Kongwak market for some local vegies, treasure hunting & yummy food.     


Zara said...

We get nearly 2 eggs everyday from our two girls. They are adorable little creatures with such unique little personalities.x

Tania said...

Must be so nice to have some home grown eggs. Looking forward to being able to have some too one day. I'm wonder how our dogs will go with them?

celia said...

Backyard eggs are like manna from heaven. I give thanks every time we bring one in.. :)