Wednesday, 3 August 2011


...we built a cubby house in the lounge. 
In our cubby we built block towers, read stories & ate apple & cranberry loaf for morning tea.
...we had cups of tea & sandwiches on the picnic blanky on the lawn.
...Huckle collected sand in a laundry basket for reasons unbeknownst to his mama & dada.
...Huckle marched between the sand box & the picnic rug to gobble up sandwiches. 
He can really put the sand in sandwich.
...we watched, as a wild duck tried to befriend one of our ladies, intently following her about.
...we played in the late winter sun & enjoyed the mild temperature, whilst tonka trucks went about their business.
... I traced a whole pattern & cut out all of the pieces.
... I sorted my button collection into an old type drawer.
...Samuel worked on a piece of furniture he's making.
... we daydreamed & thought of the adventures ahead.
... I made a mismatched dinner. Fried eggs, spinach crepes, baked potato, beetroot, lentil & goats cheese salad. It was delicious!
What was your day like? Was it filled to the brim like ours? Or was it mellow?
However it was, I do hope it was lovely.
I'll see you tomorrow with some crafty capers.


bec said...

what a lovely looking day! He's so grown up looking now! I'll email you soon about coming to visit; loved your email, just been knackered from this flu and too pooped to think! big hugs!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the perfect day! and that dinner...YUM.

kristi said...

these past few days have been amazing, it has felt so good to get outside, my spirit needed it. we stayed after school and played till 5:30pm today...that's two hours after school let out. i know this warmth won't last to much longer, but i'm happy even for a little visit. looks like you are too. x.