Monday, 27 February 2012


There's a lot going on up here on the hill. Life feels very busy and we may be chasing our tails for a little while yet. I've rescued my crafting mojo from the brink of extinction (two odd months in Qld) and I'm feeling quite well and balanced now that it's back.
It also helps that Huckle can keep himself entertained while I sew in the studio. He has a little fenced yard that is attached to the studio, where he can dig in the sandbox and explore. I leave the door open and he pops in to see me and bring me some sand. He's quite content to do this for an hour or so, which is fantastic.
With all this time to sew, I've finally finished the giant strawberry I started so long ago. It's a Purl Bee free pattern, found over here. I lost my pattern piece for the top, so I winged it with a bit of felt. It's cushy and cuddly, but no you can't eat it. Sorry.
I've also finished the top of the Parisian Garden teeny quilt. Now I must finish this and the Autumn Squirrel top and get them in the shop.
We've been slowly making our way through the birthday cheese, with sneaky cheese plates for lunch or after tea. So good. I am a crazy cheese lady. I love it.
We've been spending the weekends uptown in our new Ironwood and Eaglesmith Headquarters. More on this in another post, I promise.
And while the bump grows bigger, so too does the ripple blankie. I'll be sure to post a proper bump photo this week (for the likes of my mama and Melly).
Is it busy where you are? 
Have you been making and eating and living the good life? 
I sure hope so.
Have a lovely week!

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