Tuesday, 21 February 2012

what we've been up to...

It feels like the past few days have all rolled into one big blur. But as I looked through my phone pics, it appears that we've done quite a lot! I do like documenting the little parts of our days. It makes them feel not so blurry and gives them a little more importance. Does that make sense? 
This is what we've been up to ...

Friday I attended Jess's opening at Outre Gallery. So many gorgeous bears! I could have taken every one of them home. There were lots of red dots too. Hooray for red dots.
Saturday Huckle and I picked up his new (old) chairs from a lovely ebay seller. We got them for an absolute steal. Aren't they super cute. Needless to say, he loves them (as do I) and has been rearranging them in his little space constantly since we brought them home. All he needs now is Dada to build him a lovely little table.
We also started moving into our new Ironwood and Eaglesmith headquarters! So very exciting. We'll be sharing this warehouse space in Richmond with a friend and hope to be open for business soon. We plan on being open on weekends for furniture viewing and hopefully we'll branch out into some other exciting things as well. I'll keep you updated for an opening date.
On the drive home we stopped off at Tooradin for dinner in the park. We all went tramping through the sticky mud searching for crabs. Huckle was a little more adventurous than I and ended up with mud all over his sneakers. They're nice and clean now.
Sunday was spent lounging about. Huckle watched a spot of Totoro...
whilst Mama hooked away at the ripple blankie for number two. Two years ago I was doing the same for Huckle. You can see his ripple blankie way back here (How good are blogs for archiving!).
Samuel was back in the studio on Monday. There's two new pieces that are almost finished. They should be ready to hitch a ride uptown on Saturday. I fall in love with every new piece, one day our house will be full of our furniture. First up will be my lovely big dining table.
Huckle and I spent Monday playing in the sandbox, we took Samuel some morning tea and lunch, I squeezed in a spot of sewing and we did some chores. 
Today between cleaning and a drive into town, I managed to steal some more time in the studio. I finished the Autumn Squirrel quilt top and started playing around with a backing and binding. 
But before I got very far, I started on the next quilt top! I think I'll call this one the Parisian Garden quilt. Said with your best french accent, of course. Hee hee.
So tell me. What have you been up to these past few days?

I know that Tania has been making and baking. I would have loved to have been in her kitchen this past weekend!
Cathy opened her first solo exhibition. Congratulations Cathy!
And Dee gave birth to a most gorgeous little boy! So, so sweet.


teddybearswednesday said...

How exciting moving into Ironwood Eaglesmith headquarters!
you have been busy and up to a lot, and it was so sweet of you to fit in a visit and dinner to the show on Friday night. ( as well as the plug here) And you know how much i loved seeing you.
Speaking of loving, i love the new Autumn QUilt. your way with fabrics and patterns is so wonderful
oh I just realised I owe you an email xo

Catherine said...

you've been up to a lot of great things! Those little chairs are great - and I'm glad Huckle and his friends like them too! I especially like your autumn quilt (squirrels always make me happy!). It was lovely meeting you on Friday night, and thank you for introducing me to nasu dengaku!

Zara said...

Oh my just look at those chairs, perfect.
My past few days have been spent working, baking, op-shopping plus a bit of sewing thrown in as well.