Monday, 12 March 2012

a day off...

With another hectic weekend behind us, we've come to the conclusion that Mondays should most definitely be a day off. 
I spent the morning in the kitchen baking bread & organising the weeks dinners. Cash is a bit tight this week, so I'm getting inventive with what's already in the fridge and pantry and concocting a grand plan. I've written my plan on a scrap of paper, but knowing how things magically disappear with a toddler around I'm writing it here so it can't get lost. Here's what I've come up with...

Monday :: Leftover Ratatouille with grilled olive polenta 
Tuesday :: Crustless Silverbeet, walnut and fetta pie
Wednesday :: Pumpkin and chickpea curry with homemade kashmiri naan
Thursday :: Minestrone with parmesan toasts
Friday :: Dahl with brown rice and yoghurt
Saturday :: Pumpkin and barley risotto
Sunday :: Homemade pizzas with this, that and what have you

As you can tell from this list, we're pretty much vegetarian in this house. We do eat seafood, but good seafood is hard to come by around our parts. We tend to eat seafood when we're uptown and can get the good stuff.

It was such a lovely sunny day today too, we couldn't help but spend some time lazing about outside. Sunny days have been few and far between of late, it feels as though winter is coming early. Of course I am most unimpressed about this and continue to hold hope that the warmth will continue a bit longer and might even ripen my tomato crop. Wishful thinking? Perhaps.
So we soaked up the warmth lounging upon an old woolen blankie while Huckle entertained us with his antics. Collecting grass and flowers for the ducks, digging in the sandbox and patting the Arthur Dog. 
There are moments you just want to bottle sometimes and this was one of those moments.
I hope your monday has been relaxing (especially if you're in Victoria and had a public holiday).
I'm off now to wind down and get my head around the busy week ahead.
Have a great week!.


bec said...

It all sounds delicious! I'm trying to serve more vego food- can you post or email the grilled olive polenta recipe (if there is one haha). Actually, your Ratatouille recipe would probably be pretty awesome too...if you get time!

Susan said...

that menu sounds freakishly similar to what we would eat in a week over here!! We are semi-vego too. Although at the moment since everyone is so busy there a quite a few meals of pasta served with whatever vegetables are left in the fridge or baked beans on toast!! Need to get my cooking groove back on!