Friday, 9 March 2012

this little man...

... is constantly amazing us with all that he knows and all that he can do
... loves to give hugs and pats on the back (even to unsuspecting peers at the doctors)
... is learning so many new words everyday
... loves, loves, loves playing in the sandbox
... will spend a good hour at a time building magnificent wooden block cities for his animals
... plays wonderful tunes on the piano
... loves cooking in his kitchen and offering tastes to his Mama and Dada
... loves baking with his Mama and mixing the the ingredients til they cover the bench, floor and himself
... helps his Dada in the I&E studio by sweeping the sawdust into the bin (and wherever else he sees fit)
... sings the theme tune to Totoro and the firetruck song
... sits at the sewing machine and asks to sew (and when fabric is sewn is upset that it is "stuck" together)
... loves bananas, nuts, cheese, berries, ratatouille, stonefruit, olives, banana smoothies and pasta
... is not keen on tomatoes, silverbeet or boiled egg
... loves The Byrds, The Staple Singers, The Black Keys, Crosby Stills and Nash and crazy gypsy music 
... collects flowers, rocks and sticks
... has animal sounds and body parts down pat
... favourite book is The Little Tractor

I could go on forever!
This is just a little update to document this wonderful age of learning and to keep his Nana and Aunty Melly happy. There's only so long they can go without a Huckle photo.
I love this first image so much. He moves so fast, most of my shots are out of focus. 
But this face... this smile... this is Huckle. Our Happy little Huckle man.
The last week has been full of trials. A combination of teething, night waking, early morning rising and then all of the wonderful *ahem* side effects that follow such things. We're now back to normal and my brain is functioning again too, which is nice. 

Looking at these photos after such a hard week reminds me to keep my head up and push through those long toddler grump days. There's always a light at the end of the tunnel.

We're off uptown tomorrow to work on the showroom. It's lovely having a little bit of city in our week, it's like a reverse of the country weekender.

What are you up to this weekend?
Whatever it is, make it fun!
Happy Weekend.

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celia said...

He's growing up so fast! :)