Friday, 16 March 2012

something I'm working on...

My sister is getting married to her beau this coming June. I'm most delighted to be designing their invites for them. The brief was "whimsical garden picnic" as they're having a newlyweds picnic the day after they get married. 
I can't wait to celebrate with them, they're such a fun couple. 
I'm on the bunting committee too. May there be metres and metres of buntingy goodness strung about Newfarm Park! Mum is cooking the feast and baking the cake. There's even talk of a dessert buffet! Doesn't that sound wonderful?
There's a lot to do before then of course, so I'll try not to get ahead of myself dreaming about desserts. 
Weekend tomorrow! Today is my day of preparing for the weekend uptown. Washing, baking and writing the long list of "to do's" so this pregnant lady doesn't forget anything. I think the ever growing belly is putting pressure on my brain space and hogging the memory section.
Have a great weekend! May you remember all that you need! 

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