Tuesday, 24 April 2012

two years...

Two years ago this little man came into our lives and our hearts swelled with endless love.
Happy Birthday to our most wonderful little Huckle man.

It's wonderful to think that in just a few weeks time, our hearts will swell even more. 
Being a Mama is the hardest job I have ever done, I'm sure it is this way for most. But when you stop and look at all that children give you, it is just the most amazing experience. We are so blessed.

What I'm really struggling to get my head around is that I'm a Mama to a TWO year old! Where did the time go? Ridiculous. When you become a parent, you immediately become part of the "time goes so fast" club, don't you.

We just mooched about today, playing trains and tea parties. When the sun shines though, we're going to the zoo. Hurrah! I love the zoo. I can't wait to take Huckle.

I promise there will be a few big boy two year old photos at the end of the week. For family purposes. Can't have the Nanny & Auntie Melly getting all upset now. Can we?

I hope all my Victorian friends are keeping warm. It's bloody freezing out there! Don't worry about me, I'm in front of the fire.

Have a wonderful week!


bec said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Huckster! God, his nose is exactly the same! wishing him big hugs on his day, and lots of rest for heavy Mama!

Susan said...

Happy Birthday little Huckle!

Jaclyn said...

seriously how is it already 2 years?? happy birthday huckle!

teddybearswednesday said...

OH my goodness I cannot believe it's been two years!! how time flies!! I've enjoyed so much seeing Huckle grow and mature in a gorgeous 2 year old that he is through this blog.

leslie said...

happy birthday to gorgeous mr. huckle!