Friday, 20 April 2012

an autumn afternoon...

A few days ago, we took a walk. 
Perhaps another very good reason for a pregnant lady to rest. We didn't make it all the way up the hill, for that would have been the end of me. Our little stroll took us to the farm on the corner and there were all sorts of wonders for the wondering.
Here I am posing. Must get more belly shots! I'm loving this stripey top at the moment, I wear it every second day (okay, maybe sometimes two days in a row). I think I've stretched it past capacity, it's wearing a little thin.
 Playing with my shadow.
 Admiring that big bright sun and wishing it would stay for winter.
 Cute Charolais babies to see.
 Wedgetail eagles to spot.
 Two gorgeous boys for company.
One, who is fascinated with shadows and who they belong to.
Seriously cute. Gosh, I love this boy.
I hope you've been having adventures of the most adventurous kind lately. 
Wandering and wondering is so good for the soul.
It helps me push through the not so nice to see that there is lots of good in my everyday.
Does it help you too?

It's Friday, almost the weekend! Make it wonderful, won't you. x

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Tania said...

You're looking just wonderful! I found walking very therapeutic whenever I was pregnant. Getting out into the fresh air and getting lost in your thoughts cannot be underestimated.
The shop gear is looking amazing by the way. Love the logo.